Pain is something we all experience in life, but dental pain can be debilitating and overwhelming. Tooth pain is frequently caused by various conditions including, but not limited to misalignment, nerve death, dental decay, injury, and infection. If you have on-going pain or discomfort, contact us or your general dentist.

Pain can come from biting down, from sensitivity to hot or cold, pressure, grinding, or any other number of things that we do with our mouths every single day. Sometimes it is as simple as the enamel on the teeth thinning out or the gum line receding, thus exposing the sensitive dentin around the tooth. This sensitivity can come and go and "sensitive" toothpaste can help manage your sensitivity. If that does not help, many times it is because it is a symptom of underlying problems deep inside the tooth and your dentist can give you further instructions and treatment options or refer you to an endodontist.

Sinus inflammation (sinusitis) can also cause pain in your teeth and is generally focused in the upper portion of your mouth. Your doctor or dentist can prescribe antibiotics to help with this symptom, but if it continues after treating the sinus infection, further evaluation may be necessary. Jaw pain can be caused by direct trauma to the jaw,  grinding teeth, cancer in the jaw, or from any  kind of pressure consistently put on the teeth. Each case requires a diagnosis and treatment may range from a simple solution to complex treatment.

Not all toothaches are severe or painful. When the pain is not debilitating and is only an intermittent discomfort, sometimes it is easy to brush it off as an inconvenience. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the pain to increase, become unbearable, and cause undue stress and anxiety. This is never the best option as it creates an emergency situation in which you have to receive immediate and sometimes more costly treatment. It is always best to contact your dentist for a diagnosis and determine a cause of your pain, allowing thoughtful and well-planned treatment.