There are so many exciting and wonderful things happening in the dental field. Research is constantly changing the way we do things and the technological advances today only make our jobs more effective. We are learning more and more every day and improving the way we do things all the time. 

The tooth is a system of nerves and soft tissue surrounded by dentin and enamel. The roots are the foundation extending down into the gums and bone giving the tooth the stability to do the thing that the tooth is essential for. That thing called chewing. We could live without that right?

Each tooth has a system of canals that house the soft tissue and nerves, but when that soft tissue gets infected or the nerve starts to die, a root canal may be necessary. When a root canal is needed, it means that something in the tooth is causing inflammation and/or bone loss. Each case is different, but in each case something, whether it is a nerve that is dying, an injury to the bone, or infected pulp, something has to be removed and cleaned out in order to restore an environment inside the tooth that can be filled with an artificial filling material to maintain the tooth's functionality and stability. This video gives us a basic step-by-step look at what a root canal is. 

The fluids described in this video to clean out the soft tissue and disinfect the canals can now be replaced with the multisonic ultracleaning Gentlewave system to get an even better clean.

Once the canals are cleaned out, a series of fluids are used to flush out additional inflammatory material and to disinfect the canals. This cleaning process is the most important part of your root canal. Until now, we have had to rely on our hand instruments and microscopes to get the best clean possible. 





This system gives us a clean like never before. The GentleWave System replaces our standard instrumentation protocol with a broad spectrum energy from sound paired with a powerful vortex of the same cleaning fluids that we use in the standard Root Canal Treatment. The two parts combined create an even better clean than we can get ourselves. 

Standard Root Canal Treatment

Standard Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment with the GentleWave System

Root Canal Treatment with the GentleWave System

As the second endodontic practice in Arizona to introduce this technology, we are extremely excited to find our flow with this new system and give you an even better clean than ever before. With this acoustic cleaning, we can cut down the time you spend in the chair and make your experience more comfortable with this minimally invasive technology. You can visit for more information and we can answer any and all of your questions about this brand new state-of-the-art technology, just contact us  with your questions or to inquire about an appointment.

Like I said earlier, technology is helping us be more effective.